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I came across computing at an evening class at a local community centre and got curious. I was persuaded to take a degree in computing, but I felt I missed out on a lot while studying. There seemed to be so many avenues to explore and I just never had the time to look at them. This series of pages are some of the things I have been looking at now that I have the time. It contains computerish things that might be of interest or use to others.
I have been looking at PHP scripting using one of Larry Ullman's books. I have been offering my tuppence worth on a forum at PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites for the book, but these solutions are too long to include there.
Original scripts, databases and css can be found at
Contact me at if you need the database tables that I created to get some of these scripts to work or for anything else that you have difficulty with that I have created.
The List of Contents is just a series of links to pages with code fragments or information.

List of Contents

PHP sorting complex arrays _ PHP and MYSQL Edition 2 Larry Ullman Chapter 8

BT Hub as a wireless access point _ How to set up a BT Business Hub as a wireless access point